Who are we?

JEM s.r.l.  is a company born to apply on pinking machine the innovative ideas of founders partners. More than 30years of partners' experience in sample market and a puntual analisys of nowadays production methods have shown many points on which to operate to improve performances and quality of production. The consciousness to be able to apply new using standards and advanced production methods leads to realize the products that JEM s.r.l.  is proud to offer to you.

We are in it to win it.

JEM s.r.l.  was founded in 2009 to build pinking machines, using the most up-to-date and performing technologies.

The deep knowledge about the market and aim of textile samples and of sample cutting in particular, forged by thirty years of its members' experience, and the careful analysis of the current production methods, have enabled JEM s.r.l. to create products and especially the pinking machines, with increased efficiency and quality.

The belief that it is possible to obtain new standards of use and innovative production methods has led to the creation of the products, which are JEM s.r.l.'s pride.

A perfect team work, the result of each partners' skills, i.e. design, production and sales, lead to develop a special synergy resulting in founding JEM s.r.l .

JEM s.r.l. - via F. Mola, 37 - 20156 Milano Italy - tel.: +39 02 45 49 80 16
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