TJ 160 ADV


Vision system

TJ 160 Advanced the new and advanced pinking machine by JEM. It revolutionizes the existing idea of "sample cutters", using the most innovative technologies, giving significant improvement to each and every side of the cutting process.

TJ 160 Advanced brings great innovations both in the blade change and the revolving work surface.Thanks to the new system FBR (Fast Blade Replacement), the blade changing is done from the side of the machine. The revolving cutting board is electronic and can be programmed with the rotation angles of 90° or 45° and with clockwise or anti-clockwise motion. Having a working surface lower than most pinking machines, TJ Advanced is user-friendly by giving easier access to the fabrics.

A new generation Touch Screen PC with a very simple programming language, makes the use of the TJ advanced immediate and undemanding.

Other improvements were obtained by using BUS serial technologies, getting a faster speed of cut and forward motion of the cutting board.

The cutting speed and the cutting board translation speed have been improved using serial bus technologies.

Jem can supply PV-Block and PP boards for working surfaces and straight and serrated (zig-zag) blades with 4/5/6 mm. pitch.

Pneumatic clamps
Cutting board rotation electronic
Pneumatic lift for cutting board loading

Technical characteristics
Physical dimensions
Blade length:160cm

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